Military Life


The Stenbergs are proud to continue a family tradition of military service and have appreciated this opportunity to serve the country.  With a father and grandfather having served in the Navy and another grandfather serving in the Marines, this Stenberg family joined the Army in 2006.  Adam has served as an Infantry Officer for over 17 years, but the commitment has included sacrifices from and benefits to all family members.  After Initial Entry Training at Fort Jackson and Fort Benning, duty stations have included Fort Lewis, Fort Bliss, Fort Myer, Fort McNair, Fort Bragg, and Fort Eustis.  Training included additional stops at Fort Benning, Quantico MCB, NTC at Fort Irwin, JRTC at Fort Polk, Fort AP Hill, and Fort Stewart.  At each location, the family has enjoyed attending great churches like Lake City Community Church, Crossroads Chapel, First Baptist El Paso, First Baptist Alexandria, and Manna Church.  We have also maximized outdoor opportunities at places such as the Cascades, Rockies, Shenandoah, and Appalachian Mountains and numerous National Parks.  We have taken dozens of SpaceA trips to Hawaii, Spain, California, Florida, and other great destinations.  The time has encompassed four deployments covering 2˝ years, including Iraq, Senegal, and two trips to Afghanistan.  We are grateful for benefits and challenges both personally and professionally. The tradition has continued with both sons attending the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and commissioning into Navy careers.






Sharalyn Deming was born and raised in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, Adam Stenberg in Minneapolis.  Both graduated from Saint Louis Park High School in 1988.  Sharalyn went on to Bethel College to pursue a double-major in Music and Elementary Education.  Not to be outdone, Adam studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Minnesota.


Both have received additional formal education during their careers.  While in Washington D.C., Sharalyn was selected to attend the Carnegie Institution in Washington.  Adam attended political classes at the Library of Congress.  Upon entering Financial Services, Adam did six months of training ranging from salesmanship to technical analysis and obtained his Series 7, 63, and 65 NASD licenses, his insurance agent license, and Registered Investment Advisor permit.


This story wouldn't be complete without mentioning the 12 Army schools Adam completed.  Starting with Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, SC, he moved on to Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA.  He stayed there and went on to Airborne School, BOLC II, IOBC, Stryker Leaders Course, and culminating with Ranger School.  He has also completed the Captains Career Course, Command and Staff Course at Quantico, Air Assault, Advanced Land Navigation at Camp Dawson, and Combat Advisor Training Course at Fort Benning.  His awards include two Bronze Stars.




Upon completion of the second majors in 1993, Sharalyn & Adam worked at Camp Shamineau in Motley, Minnesota for a summer before packing up and moving East to Washington D.C.  Sharalyn taught First Grade in an inner city school, Leckie Elementary in S.E. Washington D.C.  Adam was hired by multiple members of the U.S. Congress, serving Senator Dave Durenberger (R-MN) as Legislative Correspondent, Congressman Jim Ramstad (R-MN03) as System Administrator, and Congressman Gil Gutknecht (R-MN01) as Senior Legislative Assistant.


The Stenbergs moved back to Minnesota in 1996 and bought a house in Southwest Minneapolis.  Sharalyn experienced a the change of pace teaching in the Edina Public School District.  Adam worked as Finance Director for Gary Revier's congressional campaign before entering Financial Services.  He started as a Financial Advisor at Prudential Securities before moving to American Express where he worked in Estate Planning for four years.  Adam then started his own firm, Paradigm Investments  (see Résumé for more details).


Sharalyn continued to teach after Georgia's birth, but quit to stay at home with the children when pregnant with Everett.  Her job as a Homemaker and stay-at-home mom kept her busier than ever.  Through it, though, she still finds time to teach piano lessons and manage Memory Lane, a scrapbook retreat house in North Branch, Minnesota.


Adam, after working hard in the investment industry for eight years, was finally blessed with the chance to the join the Army after considerable effort to overcome medical "concerns" that originally kept him from the Academy after high school.  He didn't take no for an answer and secured three waivers to begin his Army career in March of 2006.  We have not looked back since.



Georgia blessed the Stenberg home with her presence in February of 1998.  Her birth easily overshadowed the thrilling Winter Olympic events like Hans Mueller's big wipeout which happening shortly before.  Mom worked late on bus duty that day, while dad missed his bus stop and had to walk back home.  She graduated from Bethel University, married Mitchell Weege, and has started PA school in Minnesota.


The fun really began when Everett came along in December of 1999.  The family agenda has never been the same since.  He barely stops to sleep each night for a few hours.  It started at birth and has continued through his commissioning and life in the Navy at Charleston, SC.


Bennett followed in August of 2002.  Dad hardly noticed that he missed the annual softball tournament and golf tournament that Saturday.  He was an ador-a-baby and the third child every parent needs.  He is as easy-going but still manages to learn and accomplish much as he continues on at the Naval Academy.


Eleanor brought up the rear in April of 2005.  She was "fourth and final" child, as mom likes to say.  Her birth makes the teams even, three boys and three girls, in the household.  However, the teams are unevenly stacked with four kids and just two parents.  The zone defense was in full effect.  Early on she kept everyone entertained by scooting around on her rear instead of crawling before finally walking at 12 months.  Now she has graduated high school and is attending the University of Oregon.



When they first married, Sharalyn and Adam rented a one-bedroom apartment at Bethel College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  While in DC, Adam and Sharalyn lived in Fairfax County.  Their 16th-story two-bedroom apartment was just "outside the beltway" and historic Alexandria, Virginia.   Upon return to Minnesota, the Stenbergs enjoyed ten years in the chain-of-lakes area of southwest Minneapolis, right next to 50th & France.  All four children were born while they lived in their three-bedroom house, well built in 1924.  Subsequent homes included on-post housing at Fort Benning and Fort Bliss, and off-post houses in Dupont, WA; Alexandria, VA; Fayetteville, NC; and Newport News, VA.  We have lived in all four CONUS time zones and states on both coasts as well as the northern and southern borders.



A great benefit of Military Life is travelling the country and seeing God powerfully at work in each location.  Before the Army, Sharalyn and Adam attended the First Baptist Church of downtown Minneapolis.  They were involved in leading Sunday School, Bible Studies, AWANA, Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Trustees, and the Church Board.  In Northern Virginia, their home church was First Baptist Alexandria.  It was here they really started in ministry and spiritual growth. Since joining the Army, the Stenbergs attended Lake City Community Church in Lakewood, Washington; Crossroads Chapel at Fort Benning, Georgia; First Baptist Church of El Paso; FBC Alexandria again; and now Manna Church in Newport News, VA.  Sharalyn has also been regularly involved in Bible Study Fellowship.  Adam has continued to teach, serve as a Deacon, and lead ministries.  Through it all, they have built strong relationships with fellow believers which continue long after leaving a location.  These relationships are more important than programs; relationships with their Creator, with each other, and with fellow believers.  They trust Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.  Feel free to ask them how you can do the same.